Computers, coding, building & breaking things and especially in the fields of cyber, computer forensics and security is where you find me the happiest. In my free time I can be found learning, reading write ups, coding, or trying to finish a book, ubering my two children around, DIYing, sailing or making noises on my vintage synthesizers.

Currently I am working part-time as a lecturer in computer security and forensics at Leeds Beckett University, England. This where I am studying for a professional doctorate as well.

I love problem solving and always gravitated to a combination of creative and technical resources to achieve this. From writing, recording and mixing music to developing full stack websites, by having the ability to look at challenges from a different perspective allows for unusual solutions.

I really love TryHackMe.com and learning so much from doing their rooms! so you my find an occasional write up.

My goals to achieve in 2021:

  • Find a full-time position in Cyber security, forensics or programming especially in the afore mentioned disciplines.
  • Go running more often.
  • Complete my CoR for my doctorate.
  • Finish my garage fit out.